3 reasons to change the fuel water separators in your boat

posted on Jun 06

Many people know the benefits of changing filters and fluids each year — better performance and a longer lifetime for your boat. But many boat owners overlook the crucial fuel water separators. Here’s why they should be changed every year:

  1. It collects gunk
    During the boating season, parts of the boat collect gunk from plant life, water or even dust during transportation from lake to lake. The fuel water separator can get clogged with these. In addition, if a boat is not stored properly for winter, this could get worse.
  2. Bad fuel gums up the system
    Just like sand builds up in a river and stops the flow, bad fuel can gum up the system. The fuel water separator’s job is to prevent this.
  3. A damaged system leaves you stranded
    A damaged or backed up system will fail to work properly, plain and simple. And no one wanted to be looking for a tow back to the dock on a beautiful summer day!

The fuel water separator is very important, and should be regularly maintained. The solution? Make sure you’re changing it on a regular basis. Once a filter gets full or damaged, it will stop working properly, which could be a hazard for your system. Ready to get your boat commissioned for summer and change the fuel water separator? Call us today!

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