Caring for your boat’s exterior

posted on Mar 18

We’ve talked a lot about how to keep your boat’s engine running smooth, but what about keeping the exterior looking great? Spring is the perfect time for yearly touch-ups, or the time to redo any fading paint, gelcoats or varnishes that will keep your boat looking sleek.

Each year, the exterior of your boat should be buffed and waxed. Without the annual update, the color and paint will begin to fade, which is difficult to fix.

Boats often have an exterior finish that is often a gelcoat on the outside surfaces. This repels water and keeps the outer surface looking smooth. This gelcoat can become chipped or scratched, and should be updated annually if needed.

Because of the delicate nature of the finishes, professional help is always required. Make sure that when we’re commissioning your boat for summer, that you also let us take care of your yearly gelcoat or paint update. 

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