Changing fuel water separators is a must each spring!

posted on May 20

Like other filters and fluids, the fuel water separators in your boat should be changes out each spring. Not only could it be full of gunk from last season, but could have collected more dust if not properly stored over the winter months.

Bad fuel can be the worst thing for a boat and the engine because it will gum up the system and leave you dead in the water, looking for a tow home. Even fuels labels as “clean” fuel can cause problems for a fuel system if it is old, gunky or stored improperly. The solution? Running the fuel through a water-separating fuel filter. However, because this filter does so much for your engine, make sure you’re changing it on a regular basis. Once a filter gets full or damaged, it will stop working properly, which could be a hazard for your system.

Why not have one of the professionals with the Resort Boat Shop in Idaho take a look at it while we’re commissioning you’re boat for summer? With the regular maintenance needed to keep a boat running smooth, the beginning of the season if no time to skimp! You’ll want to be out on the water as soon as you can.

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