Keep up routine boat maintenance even during the summer months

posted on Jun 30

In several of the Resort Boat Shop’s past blogs we’ve discussed the importance of proper winterization (LINK to winterization blog) and commissioning your boat for summer (LINK to commission for summer blog). Both of these steps are crucial to ensure the longevity of your boat.

However, mid-season maintenance is vital as well. The boat is working constantly, so upkeep is crucial to make sure the vessel continues to perform at a high level.
Regularly check the oil and fluid level before launching on any one of our north Idaho lakes and rivers to ensure the boat does not need additional fluids. Repeatedly low levels could be a sign of a leak, and should be addressed at once.
Walk around the boat to check for external wear, both on hardware like propellers and impellers and on the outside of the vessel. If the gel coat becomes worn, treat the problem immediately to prevent lasting damage.

If you encounter a problem on your regular maintenance check or would like to schedule an appointment, call the professionals at the Resort Boat Shop today.

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