Now is the best time to complete boat service and maintenance

posted on Dec 07

While many people in the northwest are beginning to gear up for the winter holidays, snow and cold months, there’s still a few summer details to wrap up. Before you store your boat for the winter, think — does your boat need fall maintenance? Chances are, it does!

At Hagadone Marine, we recommend regular maintenance is completed every fall to ensure your boat continues to run well for years to come. Fall is the best time to complete maintenance. You’re not using your boat, and the professional shop has plenty of time to make sure they job is done right.

So what aspects should you be checking each fall?

  • Change engine oil and outdrive gear lubes
  • Check manufacturer’s schedule to see if other fluids or filters should be changes
  • Check for any water leaks in places such as the outdrives, ujoints, or other common spots
  • Check the coolant concentration to ensure there’s no internal crack

Fall is the best time to have maintenance done, so when you’re ready to commission your boat for spring you’re ready to hit the water! Contact our team today to get started.

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