Prepare for Summer with Annual Spring Maintenance

posted on May 12

This spring is the time to have annual maintenance done when you commission your boat for summer. Here are the top four things North Idaho, Washington and Montana boaters should have done when they take their boat to a professional for annual maintenance:

  1. Seawater pump impellers
    Checking these each year will make sure your engine continues to run smoothly and efficiently.
  2. Update gelcoat finish
    A buff and wax should be done each year to increase the life and appearance of your boat’s exterior.
  3. Batteries
    Make sure all batteries are charged and loaded prior to starting for the season to ensure safe operation.
  4. Fluids 
    All fluids should be checked, and fluids such as oil changed before the summer season.

These are the basics that should be done each year as boats in the northwest commission their boats for summer. However, the staff at a professional shop will have the manufacturer’s replacement schedule and recommendations for how often each piece in the engine should be replaced or changed out.

In addition, overall tune-ups and a full diagnostic check are important to do every three to four years, especially in the northwest due to the conditions.

Are you excited to get ready for summer? Contact our staff to set up an appointment to commission your boat for summer.

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