What sets us apart?

posted on Oct 13

The Resort Boat Shop is your one-stop shop for everything you need related to your boating experience. Our staff is a highly trained team and on-site facility that makes everything run as smoothly as your sailing.
Each member of our team has been highly trained in various areas of wood boat maintenance, so that you can be sure your boat is properly taken care of each season.
We have two 40,000-gallon test tanks, which allow us to test boats in our facility. This cuts down on transportation fees, or renting space from another provider, which means we can offer lower rates to our customers.
Our team is specifically trained to attend to custom wood boats. We understand the amount of work that goes in to each individual boat, from finish to engines. Many of our employees have been with the company for over fifteen years. All of our technicians are trained in house, so we know that each one has a top-level education.
We know that your boat is important to you, and we want to make sure that you get back on the water as quickly as possible!

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