Step back in time with the luxurious Century Coronado

posted on Jul 06

Finding the right quality pre-owned wood boats can be tough. Not only should you consider what vessel is the best fit for your family, but you also need to ensure you’re getting the best deal and a well-kept boat. That’s why those buying a boat in Coeur d’Alene should look for reputable companies, such as the Resort Boat Shop, to buy from, so you know your boat checks out and has been in good hands.

For boaters looking to return to the classics, our team has a 1959 Century Coronado available for purchase. Once dubbed “The Cadillac of boats,” the Century Coronado has the style and beauty mid-century boaters came to expect without sacrificing any of the performance qualities.

Richard Arbib and Century brought the Coronado to the market in 1954 and 1955, overhauling the typical system. The designers incorporated a modern overhead-valve V-8 engine, which was capable of speeding up the sleek boat, to the delight of boaters across the country.
The Coronado was a sight to behold as well — the boat’s bold designs and expertly painted hulls were coveted and copied for years to come.

So if you’re looking for a classic beauty that can go the extra mile, the 1959 Century Coronado is your boat of choice. At our boat shop, we only take quality boats to re-sell, so all service records are available. Call our staff today for pricing or to take her out for a test!

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