Trust Coeur d’Alene Custom Wood Boats With All Your Needs

posted on Nov 18

Thanks to years of experience, and a passion for wood boats, Coeur d’Alene Custom Wood Boats have been turning heads and making a statement for many years. We are one of the top custom builders and restoration shop in the area, a spot that we have worked hard to earn and maintain.

Each member of our team of highly trained professionals has been highly trained in various areas of wood boat construction and maintenance, so that our customers can be sure their boast are properly taken care of each season. Many of our employees have been with the company for over fifteen years. All of our technicians are trained in house, so we know that each one has a top-level education.

Our facility is top of the line, with two 40,000-gallon test tanks. These allow us to test boats in our facility, from looking for problems in the hull to testing the engine. Because of this, we are able to cut down on transportation fees, or renting space from another provider, which means we can offer lower rates to our customers.

We know that your boat is important to you, and it is always our goal to make sure you have a high level of quality service, so you can return to the water quicker.

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