Why refinish the wood on your wood boat

posted on Sep 28

At the end of the boating season, it’s tempting to just pull your boat out of the water and ready it for storage without much thought. In the northwest, there are many things to do in the fall and wintertime, so we can sometimes be in a hurry to move on.

However, now is the perfect time to update the wood on your classic or vintage wood boat.

Winter is the best time to complete repairs, as you are not using the boat. We can have everything repaired and serviced by the time the sun starts to shine next spring. The team at the Resort Boat Shop is excited and ready to help bring new life into a dull boat.

Harsh rays from the sun, chemicals in some marinas and inadvertent scratches can make a boat look much more worn than it actually is. Refinishing the wood on a boat can bring back the look of a brand new hull.

If you’re interested in refinishing your boat, or have other projects you’d like to tackle this winter, give the professional team at the Resort Boat Shop a call.

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