Why winter: Reasons the off-season is the best time for maintenance

posted on Nov 30

As November draws to a close, you may be thinking more about hitting the ski slopes and doing your holiday shopping than getting out on the water. In North Idaho, winter is typically a time to avoid the cold weather. However, there is one big thing you should be thinking about for your boat — winter maintenance.

The off-season is the best time to have maintenance done on your boat, especially if it’s a wood boat. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Some repairs take a long time
    With boats, especially wood boats, many repairs take time. Both structural repairs, such as fixing a split plank, or cosmetic items, such
    as paint and varnish, may require many calendar days to accomplish the work. It is not necessarily a project that requires a lot of man-hours, but work such as finishes require cure times to ensure the longevity of the finish.
  2. Be ready when spring comes
    When the sunny months do roll back around, you’re going to want to get back on the water at the first sign of spring. But if you pull that boat out of winter storage to find you never completed the routine maintenance or fixed a cracked plank,
    you’ll have to put off putting her in the water, or put off the repairs.
  3. You’re not using it anyway
    During the winter, your boat would be in storage anyway! You might as well make good use of that time.

Whatever your reason, schedule your winter maintenance as soon as possible. That way, you’re ready to hit the water come spring.

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