Boat Building & Manufacturing: Our Process

We Believe

  • In creating works of art that last lifetimes.
  • That you deserve a boat as unique as yourself.
  • That no material on earth can match the beauty of wood.
  • In talent and experience combined with passion.
  • Our difference is in every detail.

Launch your own legend with a Coeur d’Alene Custom Wood Boat

Wood Boat Building Coeur d’Alene

Nothing beats a wood boat. Our craftsmen know this, with more than 150 years of combined experience, we put pride into every project, big or small. Whether we’re making a new boat to an owner’s exacting specifications, or refitting a classic, we eat, sleep and breathe the passion of our craft.

Custom Wood Boats Northern Idaho

For us, a wood boat is much more than a boat. She has character, warmth and beauty. She is full of the good times on the water that have been, and those that are to come. Every day we put our keen minds and our skilled hands to work, with more than 150 years of combined craftsman’s experience. Our passion shows in every perfect line.

Coeur d’Alene Custom Wood Boats are designed to fit the owner’s every need, crafted painstakingly from western red cedar, sapele, teak and African mahogany, and finished to incredibly exacting tolerances.

Wood Boat Craftsmanship

These magnificent craft combine excellent design with meticulous craftsmanship.

Jim Brown, master wood craftsman, and the rest of his experienced team of wooden boat manufacturers in Idaho are relentlessly committed to detail. The results show in beautiful lines, sweet handling, and a dreamily smooth ride. “We’ve built a lot of traditional planked boats over the years,” Brown says. “Over time we’ve honed our skills to keep them a little bit cleaner, a little bit nicer, a bit lighter… and just better.”

Coeur d’Alene Custom wood boats are a combination of traditional and high-tech building practices. They have traditional double-planked bottoms, with double gusseted frames and continuous oak battens behind the seams, put together with modern glues and fasteners. Laminating the high load points of the hulls gives the boats less movement, a more comfortable ride and a longer life for the craft.

Better Wood Boat Design

“These are very advanced hull designs,” Brown says. “It’s a very smooth ride, whisper quiet, and the efficiency makes it easy on the pocketbook at the gas dock.”

The hulls are built to be extremely smooth and efficient, getting up and out of the water easily by maximizing the energy produced by the power train. Part of this secret is a unique configuration of lift chine and strakes designed into the hull. The running surface of these hulls has also been extended. Coupled with deep-V 20-degree dead rise, the hull design achieves the comfort and ride of a much larger boat.

Custom Wood Boat Building & Manufacturing

“The thing that sets our custom wood boat line apart is our craftsmen,” says Craig Brosenne, general manager. “This level of quality comes from what’s prescribed by the owner, and then what our incredible craftsmen put into it.”