10 Reasons to Own a Coeur d’Alene Custom Wood Boat

  1. LOOKS – Coeur d’Alene Custom boats have gorgeous lines. Classic yet modern, they are floating works of art greatly admired wherever they go. No material on earth can match the beauty, warmth and comfort of wood, shaped by a true craftsman’s eyes and hands.
  2. PERFORMANCE – They are renowned for their wonderfully smooth ride. These boats offer sweet handling and a silky smooth feeling underway. With precision and balance, they come to life in your hands, fly across the water like a dream and cut through chop with ease.
  3. CRAFTSMANSHIP – Created by hand by experienced, passionate builders. Coeur d’Alene Custom boats combine traditional boatbuilding with new technologies. A team of talented boat builders with more than 150 years of collective experience puts pride into every detail.
  4. DESIGN – A unique hull shape designed by a champion. The hull shape is a proprietary design in collaboration with Jerry Gilbreath, 9-time offshore world champion. Unique lift chine, strakes and deep-V deadrise provide the standard in efficiency and comfort.
  5. UNIQUENESS – Each wood boat is as unique as her owners. Any Coeur d’Alene Custom boat, whether it’s the 270, 290, 300, 340 or new design, is created to the owners’ vision and specifications. The boats reflect the lifestyle and tastes of those who love and enjoy them.
  6. STYLING – Outstanding fit, finish and features. Industry-leading spec lists include a wind-free cockpit, a bow that never rises into the driver’s field of vision, custom accents, swim platform, thruster, underwater lighting, and numerous impeccable coats of epoxy and varnish.
  7. VALUE – A Coeur d’Alene Custom boat holds its value for generations. They are built to the highest quality standards not only to look good today, but also to remain a valued part of the family as long as desired, and hold excellent resale value thereafter.
  8. RECOGNITION – Coeur d’Alene Custom boats have won top awards at Lake Havasu Desert Storm and the Lake Geneva International ACBS show, and have been featured in Robb Report, Sportboat, Yachts International, Yachting World and Boat International.
  9. DETAILS – The smallest items are carefully considered. The closer you look, the better a Coeur d’Alene Custom boat gets. Every curve, every joint, every small feature is obsessively crafted by hand. Step by meticulous step, the boat blends tradition and technology.
  10. YOU – Something special happens when you commission your own boat. It becomes one of the most exciting projects you’ve ever been involved with. And that’s even before it reaches the water. The team at Hagadone Marine Group invite you to Launch Your Own Legend.